Vytronix, not well known and in a market dominated by very well established companies. With its 10 piece accessory pack and sub £40 price, it looks very good value indeed

  • Weight 2.56 kg
  • Power Consumption 1300watt
  • Steam from cold 25 sec
  • Steam run time 25 mins
  • Tank 450ml 
  • 6m cord power lead
  • Washable microfibre floor pad
  • Carpet glider
  • Tool connector
  • Window / upholstery tool
  • washable window / upholstery cloth
  • Scraper tool
  • Small nylon brush
  • Large nylon brush
  • Grout brush
  • Angled concentration nozzle

What the buyers said...

The only minor criticisms are the water tank is relatively small, so you will need to refill a few times if you have a lot of hard floors. This hasn’t been a huge issue due to the quick heat up time. The other problem is that the microfiber pads can become dislodged during cleaning.

I am so pleased with this steamer, unpacked it, filled it up and off I went! Cleaning all my carpets and floors, so easy to use and nice and light to handle.

Honestly don’t be fooled by how cheap this is. It’s brilliant. I have cats and they are always messing up my kitchen floor and bathroom. Works great on tiles and linoleum. Gets really hot just make sure the cloths on tight and it’s fully hot before you start mopping. If you haven’t waited long enough it can slip off. I use zaflora in it too so house smells lovely afterwards

I have quite a large area of laminate flooring in the kitchen and this cleaned it very well. As the flooring was smooth it glided over the surface with very little effort, however I would not recommend this for a floor surface that was rough

This is a great steamer, easy to put together and use. It heats up very quickly and cleans (steams) well. Additional cloths are easy to purchase. My sole complaint about the steamer is the plastic handle. Unfortunately this is rather flimsy and within a handful of uses broke! It does have a metal pole but is rather short, so I have been steaming while bending over rather low – not great for my back. I have tried to repair the plastic handle but because it’s so flimsy I can feel it won’t last, especially if I apply any pressure on it. Rather disappointing, maybe when it does brake again I might jam a piece of wood into the metal pole that should be a lot stronger. Hence giving this product only 3 stars.

Conclusion and Rating

As long as you use this carefully and don’t purchase it to clean a 20 room mansion, this very useful steamer should serve you well. The comments were overwhelmingly positive with only a handful of problems. For a lightweight product it gets the thumbs up.