Blenders And Smoothie Makers

Whats the difference between a food mixer and a blender

A. A food mixer is generally for dry produce. Its wider cup would not be suitable for liquids. The blade size is suited to Carrots, cheese, leafy greens, whereas a blender is smaller, narrower cup, faster spin and not as durable as a food mixer has to be. 

General Tips


  • Secure the lid before operating ! 
  • Begin on a lower speed then increase it
  • With  hot liquids liek soup be careful of steam 
  • Cover the lid with a towel when opening
  • Don’t overfill your blender, the volume may increase
  •  If your mixture is too thick, add liquid gradually
  • If the mixture stops circulating, remove the lip plug and use the tamper to stir or push down the ingredients.
  • If there is an air bubble, stop and use a spatula to stir the ingredients then process again.
  • Add liquid gradually if needed to loosen a thick mixture and create a smooth product.
  • Stop if the power unit gets hot
  • Avoid water getting into the base unit ** Electric **
  • AVOID: dough, grinding tough meat like beef,  mashed potatoes, and extracting juice from vegetables or fruit 


Why Use a Blender?

  1. For Health: Whole vegetables, fruits, nuts and softer meats can be broken down to make nutritious meals for any eating occasion.  By avoiding the processed parts of supermarket foods your family will enjoy better health long term
  2. Speed:  Make drinks, purees, soups in no time . Cheaper and better than tinned or processed food
  3. Versatility: make SO many frozen desserts, snacks, sauces, dressings and hot soups, they can all be made in a blender.

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