Bedsure Electric Heated Throw

Bedsure Throw

 Interesting pattern in the material, ideal for trapping air which then insulates the heat generated and warms up quickly. 

Also a bit easier to wipe off spillages, whereas most of the other throws are fleeces and are not the easiest material to keep clean.

Bedsure’s claim is that their heating element is longer and has better coverage. This should result in a quicker warmup time overall.

As the most powerful throw at 160watts,  I expected it to have the highest max temperature, but no, its max is 45°C, 5°C less than the Mia and Coco brand product. 

This was the only product in this section to have an LCD display, which is clear and gives good clear information, all the others have LED displays. I can’t imagine it makes any difference to reliability or readability, but it is slightly more complex to produce LCDs.


  • Cable length 
  • Consumption on max heat 160w (240volt) 
  • Detachable controller
  • Blanket material Flannel and Sherpa
  • 10 heat settings 30°C to 45°C
  • Timer shuts off. Set up to 12 hours
  • Available in Single or Double sizes or 2  packs and many colours 

Running Costs

For the average person, using the blanket on a cold day in November, with no room heater and set to half power the cost for the Bedsure blanket was: 

2.72 pence per hour

what the buyers thought...

 1 This blanket is gorgeous! I bought it to keep me warm when watching TV in the evenings as I wanted to save money by not putting the heating on. As it only costs about 5p per hour to heat, it’ll end up being far more cost effective. I am delighted with it – it’s really toasty even on the lowest setting! I love it!! It’s really soft and cosy even before you turn the heating on and it heats up really quickly.

2 When the throw arrived very promptly (the next day after ordering it) it did not heat up. I contacted the Company by email and they were absolutely wonderful and understanding and replaced the item immediately with a new one which is absolutely fine. In just over a week everything was sorted out.
I would most definitely deal with Bedsure again. It is very good to know that companies still care and deal with problems so efficiently. Many thanks.

3 Nice soft and thick blanket but I felt a bit disappointed as it does not get hot as described. Even after 60mins on max setting is just warm at best. I do own another electric blanket – different brand which heats up quick and hot. Will be returning this one.



Conclusion and Review Rating

The Bedsure has all the necessary features and  scores very well in Safety, Control, plus it is machine Washable and has a good low price. Although mainly positive reviews there were a couple that said it was not hot enough. 

I gave it the a rating of 6/10