Duronic AF1

Duronics first Air Fryer, not well known and in a market dominated by big kitchen product companies like Philips. Its low price tag indicates a budget level performance…

  • Food Capacity 4.6 litres
  • Power Consumption 1500watt
  • Temperature Control 80 to 200 deg C ( dial )
  • Timer 0 to 30 minutes ( dial ) 
  • Cool sides when working
  • Weight 7kg
30 minute Timerand Temperature Dials
Publicity Photo - don't overfill it!

Cheap and cheerful, good value? Whether the Duronic is Durable remains to be seen. 

Personally if I’m going to work with a piece of equipment day after day, I want it to be proven, reliable and give repeatable results.  The old fashioned dial settings are ok, but for totally repeatable cooking, give me the electronic timer  with memory settings every time.

What the buyers said...

Can you cook scones in it?

Well after you posted this (question)  i just had to try and tonight, We have fruit scones 🙂
Temp set at 160’C and a bit of hit n miss with the times at first but i have to say about 12-15 mins and the family love them. Give it a go, the fun is in the experimenting. Do a batch and cook one at a time until you find the right temp and time and then go enjoy with lashings of jam and cream

*Had this for about a week now. My main use will be for chips and similar items, all of which is has cooked to perfection!
Some reviews claim they cannot get the chips cooked to perfection or crispy. I managed to cook oven chips virtually perfect on first attempt. Took 17 mins(frozen) .
So far so good, I’ve cooked chicken wings in it, pizza(small 7inch) as well as pizza bread, All cooked fine. This is probably due to being a small convection oven in all fairness.

Cleaning the unit after cooking is simple as it all comes apart including the mesh wire that pops out for easy cleaning.
Not sure this would be good for a family of 4, but none would unless you are buying a XXL version for over £300.

*This is a good fryer but you need to experiment as their timings refer to some very “standard” chips. Once you have mastered drying and coating the chips with oil, and adjusted the heat and timings correctly (we find that our chips need 28 mins at 200 deg) then the results are very good and much healthier than traditional chips. Easy to clean and use.

Conclusion and Rating

This budget offering has a lot of fans, it was hard to find anyone who had much of a complaint. Of course there is the odd faulty one, can’t be helped, but on the whole,  the Duronic is great value. The timer is poor at only 30 minutes but, when cooking chips or much fried food, it works better if you take out the basket and shake it every 10 mins at least. So the limited timer isn’t so bad – A lot commented on poor chips,but had they experimented with different brands and different settings. I took me a long time before I found my ideal brand of frozen chips and heat setting – now everyone loves them.   6/10