MonHouse Electric Throw Blanket


The MonHouse electric throw, ideal to keep warm, on the sofa, at your desk, at the office or as an overblanket on the bed. Save money over this winter even though the energy prices soar, plug in the MonHouse and enjoy. 

This blanket is made in no fewer than 10 different colours from Black through to Silver, and each one in available in plain or shearling fleece finish, to easily match your colour scheme. It is particularly fast to warm up.


  • Cable length 1.5m
  • Consumption on max heat 120w (240volt) 
  • Detachable controller
  • Blanket material: Flannel  
  • 10 heat settings up to 50°C
  • Timer shuts off. Set up to 9 hours
  • Available in Single or Double sizes or 2  packs and many colours 

Running Costs

For the average person, using the blanket on a cold day in November, with no room heater and set to half power the cost for the Mia & Coco blanket was: 

2.04 pence per hour

Set your Temp and Timer with simple controller
Controller and Cable are detachable for Machine Washing

What the buyers thought of their MonHouse Product...

  1. I love it when I need “cuddle” with the blanket when in the evening gets too cold. It helps when I feel no need to put heater on.
    When I become ill the blanket was brilliant as I can control the temperature, as it can go high or lower. I put at lower and it did the work to keep me warm but not too hot. I was like wow this is the best electric blanket I ever had.
    Back in old day, electric blanket doesn’t do those controls temperature and no timer.
    I would definitely recommend to anyone want electric blanket.
  2. I have 2 of these one at home and one in my static caravan. They are absolutely brilliant. So cosy to wrap oneself up in whilst watching TV without having to boost up the central heating in the whole house. Or to put on top of the bed to warm it up before bedtime. Also – I have a prolapsed disc in my back that is trapping my femoral nerve – so it is a very soothing heat source for anyone who does have similar nerve or muscular pain.
  3. Energy costs – heard someone on TV saying “heat the person, not the room” to make savings, and suggested getting electric over blankets instead of putting the central heating on. These electric fleeces are fantastic. Lay them on your preferred seat to heat on “high” while you get your lunch or supper ready. Cozy seat to then sit in with your fleece over your legs etc. Really makes a difference to how much electric we’re using. Husband and I have one each. Make sure you DO NOT sit on the fleeces tho. May damage the wires. We are extremely pleased with these electric fleeces and recommend to all adults. Not sure if I would trust children not to sit on them.

Conclusion and Review Rating

The MonHouse heated blanket is an excellent, safe product and is well manufactured, especially in the stitching around this blanket. 

has all the necessary features  scoring very well in Safety, Heat, Control, Washable and Price. Overwhelming numbers of positive reviews. 

I gave it a very good rating 9/10