Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Mop

 Cleaning giant VAX has a good Steam cleaner in the S86  model with its enormous range of  attachments and ingenious  design

  • Weight 3.69kg
  • Cold to Steam in 20 sec
  • Cleaning time 15 min
  • Solution Tank 200ml
  • Water Tank 230ml
  • Cord 7 metres
Soft MicroFibre cloth used with the steam mop

Use the VAX with the recommended  detergent solution for maximum cleaning power

concentrated steam for hard to reach areas

Remove the hand held unit from the upright cleaning mop for work surfaces, bath taps, oven and cooker  cleaning

VAX have designed their steam mop with a replaceable hard water filter unit is situated behind the water tank. As with your kettle, in hard water areas limescale would eventually ‘fir’ up your equipment and stop it working. 

Vax have outdone themselves with a phenominal array of attachments for the steam mop. Devices for every concievable nook and cranny,  window and surface.

Accessories provided with the S86 model:

Scraper tool
Concentration tool
Grout brush
Detail nozzle
Accessory bag

250ml steam detergent
Microfibre pad
Carpet glider
Metal brush
Small plastic brush
Large plastic brush
Window tool

What the buyers said...

Had this for two years, it’s been more than useful on a daily basis. I’ve cleaned almost anything and everything with it, but was really impressed with my kitchen floor, it looked like the day it was laid fifteen years ago! Going to buy one for my sons new home.

I love this. I clean my floor regularly with it and it does it so quickly and makes a great job. I have also steam cleaned our dog bed after the cat weed on it and it seems to have got rid of the smell.

Handle has snapped whilst in use after only 2 months of use. I initally thought this was a great item but very disappointed

Purchased on a whim in black friday deals, and I was very lucky! It is really good. Previously I had owned a shark brand mop. It just did the floor and it was brilliant, until it broke. I replaced with a cheap “triangle” head mop, utter rubbish so was a bit concerned about this vax one.

-easy to use
-Long lead
-even my teen can use it!
-It is so easy to fill up, the removable water container makes life so easy

-I dislike having to pull leaver to get steam when doing the floor. I prefer it just on, as my hand cramps and often refuses to grip
-i would like two floor cloths to be provided, as I would rather wash than reuse and I have two small children, so daily steaming around the table is a must.
-the window attachment undoes while you are using it, which is rather frustrating (I will admit I was using this attachment to clean sticks handprints from doors, but I did have to keep clicking it back into place)

I have not used the detergent, because I cannot see a need (if steam is 100% sterile, why do i need the detergent?), big spills or dirt get cleaned by hand as soon as they are made anyway.

I would recommend and i would buy again

Conclusion and Rating

For sheer versatility and accessories for the VAX, it is a total WINNER. The ability to separate out the handheld steamer is worth the price alone, so convenient when cleaning anything not on a floor, like baths, sinks and mattresses. Brilliant!