Reasons to Invest in a Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are devices that use high-pressure steam to clean and sanitize surfaces. They are a versatile tool for cleaning various surfaces in both residential and commercial settings. The high temperature and pressure of the steam produced by steam cleaners can effectively remove dirt, grime, stains, and even kill germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

Brief history of Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners have been around since the 19th century when they were first invented by a man named Edward A. Nilsson in Europe. However, it was not until the mid-20th century that steam cleaners became widely available for commercial and residential use.
The first steam cleaner was powered by coal or wood and used to clean carpets in hotels and businesses. As technology advanced, so did the design of steam cleaners.
By the 1990s, compact handheld models (like the steam-mop shown above) for home use were introduced to the market. These devices were lightweight, easy-to-use, affordable, safe compared to traditional chemical cleaning agents.  

The Importance of Using Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners have become increasingly popular due to their effectiveness in sanitizing surfaces without abrasive chemicals that harm both humans health as well as air quality inside homes or offices. Beyond sanitation benefits, there are additional benefits such as time-saving compared with traditional cleaning methods since there is no need for large amounts of water or scrubbing tools; this cuts down on time required cleanup after each session too! Not only that but it also results in better preservation of flooring materials like wood because they don’t absorb water from excessive dampness which could lead to rotting.
The importance of using steamer cleaners is increasingly becoming attractive when considering environmentally friendly solutions for maintenance at home or work environment. They reduce wastage while maintaining cleanliness thus promoting overall environmental sustainability whereby people get cleaner spaces without sacrificing the environment.

Clean all around the Kitchen and Bathroom

Steam Cleaning, one of the very useful gadgets that I would not want to be without. You can clean floors, baths, sinks, taps, kitchen surfaces easily and very thoroughly with a steamer. And be as certain as you can be, that it has killed all harmful bacteria.

If you have dogs or cats and have a ‘special’ place that houses the cat-tray, you need one of these. If you have a puppy, thats only half way house trained, you need one of these.

Steam will disinfect and sanitise better than most chemical cleaners, saving you money and doing a better and more environmentally sound job.

Can you think of anything else that will remove chewing gum?

Use Steam Cleaners with Care

  • Don’t forget though that steam can be damaging to some surfaces, if you are cleaning a wooden floor, make sure its sealed. 
  • Be aware that you’re holding a boiling kettle issuing very very hot vapour!  It can burn so take great care.
  • If you live in a hard water area, be careful to use treated / filtered water, the minerals in hard water will eventually coat the heater and reduce its effectiveness.

Mattress Cleaning

Whether you have dust mites, pee stains or even bedbugs , instead of phoning the pest guy or using nasty chemicals ( that you then inhale all night! ) simply use steam. A steam cleaner can get rid of all three, bacteria gone, stain gone, bugs and mites gone in one go.

Types of Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners come in different types, each with unique features that make them suitable for various cleaning tasks. The three most common types of steam cleaners are handheld, canister, and upright steam cleaners. Understanding the differences between these types of steam cleaners will help you choose the right one for your cleaning needs.

Handheld Cleaners

A handheld steam cleaner is a compact and portable device designed for quick cleaning jobs around the house. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it suitable for spot-cleaning carpets, upholstery, and hard-to-reach areas such as corners and crevices.
Generally speaking, handheld steam cleaners are less powerful than their larger counterparts but still pack enough punch to clean small messes like spills or pet accidents. Handheld steam cleaners typically come equipped with a small water tank that heats up quickly to produce steam.
They are also equipped with various attachments such as brushes and nozzles that allow you to clean different surfaces effectively. If you live in a small apartment or need a tool for quick cleaning tasks around the house, then a handheld steam cleaner is an excellent choice. 

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The VAX Steam Mop

  • Effective, Quick, Easy, Versatile
  • Lightweight 
  • Very good price
  • Handheld unit is so useful

The Shark S6003 Steam Mop

  • Easy to use
  • very Lightweight
  • cost reasonable
  • effective cleaner on any floor
  • Probably the best floor steam mop