AMZCHEF Blender Smoothie Maker 1500W

Smoothies  are THE way to extract the MAX goodness from your Fruit and Veg. Buy a Blender that will last and last. 

AND has the power to churn through those tough jobs like nuts, Ice, and grinding coffee beans

1500 watts, that’s as much power as the average vacuum cleaner !! This product rocks

35000 rpm: That’s right at the top end of the range for today’s pro-market blender speeds

2 liter capacity jug: This is a FAMILY size blender, why would anyone want a thimble sized ‘bullet’

There are so many  ways to use a Blender.

If you have a very young family – Make your own Baby food – totally fresh, YOU know there are no additives in there, just healthy Fruit and Veg.

Ice Cream:  Grind your own luxury nut topping for those hot summer treats

There is no equivalent products, the AMZ chef has it all

You can rely on this to do Every blending, chopping, mixing and grinding job in your kitchen

Forget the Toy blenders like Butra Nullit, get a top spec worktop blender that will last for year, has Stainless Steel blades of top quality and the spin speed and power necessary to chop through those fibres in seconds.

Designed by experts for the pro-user, the AMZ Chef uses the very best of today’s technology

Forget 2 and 3 speed blenders. The AMZ chef has TEN speeds AND the Power of a 1500watt motor to cut through ANYTHING . 

plus the PULSE button, for the real expert chefs out there !