Shark S6003UK Steam Mop

 Shark seem to have got the design of this mop just right, I was impressed by the amount of satisfaction in the comments and review feedback by buyers of the product.  There are 2 models 6003 is automatic steamer and 6001 is manual push to steam 

  • Weight 2.8  kg
  • Run Time 11.5 min
  • Cold to Steam time 20sec
  • Tank 350ml
  • Power  1050watts (manual spray model)
  • Power 1200watts (auto model)
  • Power Cable 8 metres
  • Use Distilled Water Only
Double Sided mop head can be flipped over

Sharks Control There is a clever mechanism in the mop head which allows a blast of superheated steam, for targeted  effort on really tough jobs, available when the user flips the head over so that it is behind the mop body, then tilts the mop handle downwards.  This is available in Hi,Med and Low steam modes.

The double sided dirt grip pads are released with the click of a switch, situated on the back, avoiding the necessity to come into contact with the soiled item, which is  machine washable.

  • Dirt Grip Technology – Double Sided Microfiber Pads Trap Household Dirt With And A Quick Drying Time
  • Steam Blaster Mode – A Direct Blast of Superheated, Concentrated Steam
  • 3 Intelligent Direct Steam Controls – For Consistent, Targeted, Cleaning Without Streaking.
  • Eliminates 99.9% of common household bacteria, ideal for allergy sufferers.
Low, Med and High Steam Output Control

Sharks Control panel allows you to select LOW, MED or HIGH steam output

Manual push to steam

Pop open the filler cap and fill, the handy jug provided is the exact capacity of the tank.  Be sure to use treated /filtered or distilled water to avoid the element furring up! Especially important in hard water areas

The Shark is very light and  manoeuvrable the mop head swivels up down and side to side

What the buyers said...

This is the first time I bought one of these to replace a normal mop and bucket. Very impressed with it so far and it works just as well as a normal mop and bucket would but without the hard effort. Using it is just like useing a hoover. However when you have a really stubborn stain you need to hold the streamer on the spot for several secs in order to losen the strain before it will remove the strain. Which is hardly a effort and better than having to scrub away like I had to with the old mop and bucket

After purchasing and using twice a day for the last few weeks, I can see why they loved it. First of all, the overall build of this mop is very high quality, especially when compared to other steam mops I have had in the past. Its sturdy, solid and every part actually does what it is supposed to. It heats up in a matter of seconds and keeps its steam production throughout.

The Shark has a good sized cleaning area, the steam is continuous even on the HI setting, the pads are machine washable and it is incredibly easy to use.

I was a little apprehensive at first about the cleaning capability, we had some stubborn stains in the grout and on the tiles, after firing up this little bad boy was astonished by how quickly it removed them. It also has the function to fire jets of steam at a certain area of the floor to lift stubborn stains, this element is great on spilled coffee stains. I also purchased some cleaning solution which makes it smell nice too. My next purchase will be a Shark cordless vacuum cleaner

The Shark however, has been an absolute delight. It has a much longer power cord which means that I don’t have to unplug and move when cleaning my large kitchen/dining/family room, it has clips to wind the cord around neatly when not in use, the pad is absorbent and it is easy to manoeuvre (it reminds me a Dyson Ball vacuum), the steam level is adjustable and it feels so much better quality than my old Karcher. I honestly can’t believe the improvement, especially considering it only cost £99.99.

Had a Shark steam mop few years ago, best steam mop on the market. Replaced it with two other throughout the years, they were awful.
This is Quality well worth paying the difference, Plug in and go 30 secs fill with water of course. Easy to use, cleans floors without mess and pools of water, dry in a couple minutes, No Streaks, 3 settings, Long lead.

Conclusion and Rating

Shark have a winner, good price, light to use, robustly made and very reasonable steaming time for the tank size