Vileda Steam Mop

Now, in 2019 if you have pets or Children you need a quick SAFE and efficient way to clean up

The Vileda Steam mop is Fast, 15 seconds from cold and its in business killing germs!  Probably the fastest steamer I’ve reviewed on this blog.

  • Weight 2.5 kg
  • Steam from Cold in 15 seconds
  • Tank Capacity 400ml
  • Steaming time 28 minutes
  • Power consumption 1550watts

The steam mops 6 metre length of cord is better  than most mains powered domestic cleaners, (at 1.5kw on full power the cable has to be substantial) and is adequate for most sizes of room. It is  suitable for all hard floor surfaces and will freshen carpets too, with the carpet glider attachment.

2 Microfiber pads are provided with the Vileda Mop Pack, great for removing those tough greasy marks

The mops head is on a swivel and can  get right down to  almost horizontal  making it manoeuvrable around and under furniture 

To fill the integral  tank, simply pour water in here – like filling the car! 

The green light shows that power is applied . For safety, when the tank runs dry the auto-cutoff device  will  cut the power. As it is running out the green light will pulse. 

The very simple layout of the Vileda shows the steam setting dial – set to low  for the most delicate jobs 


Carpets can be spring cleaned  with the carpet glider attachment

What the buyers said...

This is a cracking little steamer. Bought to replace my Shark basic model, which was rubbish and only lasted me a year. Things I love about this are; the pads stay put during use. It pulses to let you know water needs topping up. It stands up on its own when you let go, rather than clattering to the floor. It has temperature settings so you can use a hotter setting for example on a tiled floor and a cooler one on a laminate floor. It steams thoroughly without you having to add any pressure. I have recommended this to a number of friends as it’s well priced and effective. Love it for hygenically cleaning my kitchen floor and those little dribbles in the bathroom from the boys in the house. Two negatives though; it will mark a laminate floor if you leave it sitting on it as I am won’t to do whilst I go move a piece of furniture etc, and the water tank could do with being a little larger. That’s all! I defy anyone to be disappointed with this great mop.

With laminate floors and stone tiles a steam mop is an essential in my house. Unfortunately they haven’t proven to be very reliable (looking at you Vax and Morphy) but luckily they aren’t hugely expensive these days. I thought I’d go for a different brand and sixty pounds is my sweet spot so Vileda it was.

Very effective cleaning of tiled floors, with good and rapid steam production and no re-filling required during operation. Not yet used on carpeting, but the omens are good! Lightweight and stores easily in broom cupboard. Cord length ample. Reasonably priced and would recommend.

I am so disappointed with this steam cleaner. It leaves the granite tiled kitchen floor very wet and it takes 20 minutes to dry and even then there are patches that I have to dry with a cloth. Previously I had a cheap steam cleaner which dried the floor within minutes and could use it on a wood laminate floor. Unfortunately it did not last very long There is no way I would use this on my laminate floor, as it would soon ‘lift’ the panels. Also it does not get right into the corners either, being too rounded at the edges. I ordered this on the strength of the previous reviews and am SO disappointed. Honestly I cannot recommend this cleaner.