Vax TBT3V1B1 Blade

On price alone this model by the Vacuum giant VAX, is a winner. How did it  stack up against the competition on performance?

  • Weight 4.5 kg
  • Run Time 45 min
  • Charge Time 4 hr
  • 32Volt Lithium Ion Battery
VAX dust box
Compared to Gtech Dust box

Be prepared to empty the dust compartment frequently, it is tiny!

One of the best features of the VAX model is how very simple it is to remove the brush roller mechanism. Especially in situations where it picks up long hair, this is something often criticised on other machines  as difficult to do. Well done VAX !

The VAX model was reasonably manoeuvrable, the brush head turns on the stick and is lightweight. The stick does not have a central hinge like a couple of the other cordless  models, but cleaning under furniture did not pose too much of a  problem.

Without the brush head weight, cleaning up high, ceiling cobwebs, curtain fluff etc was a breeze, one of the lightest ones tested. Disconnecting the stick made the unit perfect size for doing the stairs , the car and other restricted access areas.

When charging the RED central lamp is on and the segments illuminate to indicate level of charge. When fully charged the central lamp is WHITE

The  vx Blade is not a free-standing model, to store it or charge it, it is recommended to fit the wall mount (provided) 

Conclusion and Rating

The vx Blade is good value for money and several of the commenters had bought other models previously and been disappointed.

A couple of the reviewers mentioned that the handle had a ridge and over a long period of handling it, it became uncomfortable.

It is a pity that a second battery cannot be swapped, as the battery is integral, even though the run-time was better than most.   The inconvenience of running out of power and having to wait for a 4 hour charge is a bit off putting. 

More importantly, the battery life will  limit the lifetime of the cleaner as it is not  user-replaceable.

What the buyers said...

Less expensive than some other similar products but efficient and versatile – easy to use. A good selection of handy tools available. After charging the battery lasts a good time. Easy to convert to hand held vacuum when needed.

Question: can anyone tell me if this Vax blade is light weight as i difficulty cleaning stairs with heavy cleaners.
Answer: It is not very heavy especially if you detach the long ‘tube’ attachment when you are doing the stairs.

Great Hoover. Picks up really well especially on carpet. Could do with a bigger bin as it needs emptied a lot but it’s good for use daily, quick hoovering. Battery is better than expected, can get the whole house done twice before it needs charged.

Moving easily from room to room is great , good on pet hair but not on larger bits although easy to take apart to unblock.

Great little cordless just battery runs quickly out if on boost mode for to long

Works very well, picks up well. The downsides are the that it only holds a quite small amount of dirt etc. But the main problem is that when the battery finally fails it cannot be replaced, but it is necessary to buy a complete new head which includes the motor etc. I would hazard a guess that it will be cheaper to buy a new machine after 2 years, as “Vax” could not give me a cost for replacement