Whats Special About Sage?

Sage has done a great job making cooking easy with computer assistance. To quote from Sage:-

ELEMENT iQ SYSTEM: Using 5 independent quartz elements, smart algorithms steer power to where and when it’s needed to create the ideal cooking environment; Sensing and digital PID temperature control eliminates cold spots for precise and even cooking

top mounted heating elements
Bottom heating elements

What does all that mean? Well, you can watch the Sage Appliance Story video on their website, but basically, they individually control 5 quartz heating elements, depending on feedback from the sensors. The IQ computer system controls it all and it results in VERY even heat inside the oven. It does not use ordinary thermostats to control the temperature, it’s sensors continually feed back the temperature to the IQ microprocessor, for 100% accuracy.

Pro Kitchen Style from Sage. The SOV860 has everything. 

The Element IQ chip is designed to take the guesswork OUT and put expert settings IN

The 10 most used functions are available instantly, giving the ideal cooking environment for virtually any recipe

  • BAKE
  • WARM

Sage Air Fryer Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Repeatable settings 
  • Powerful 2400 watt heater
  • 22Litre capacity
  • 10 Preset functions
  • Power Cord 90cm

IQ also Controls Fan Speed

The Air-Fry function uses the fast convection Speed setting and the lower speed is used for more conventional oven cooking modes. 

Computer Control

Sage’s Element IQ chip senses the temperature with PID digital control , which ensures there are no cold spots and cooking is absolutely even. Independent heating elements and ideal rack positions are chosen automatically

What the Sage Oven buyers said...

ML E in UK

Fantastic little oven. I’m isolating and can do everything, from toast to bake, roast and fry the best chops ever. For one person this cannot be beaten.


I have a large range oven and bought this smart oven in part to save time and money when cooking odd bits here and there where you don’t need a full oven. This has actually meant pretty much everything since the device arrived, and all of it had come out faultless. A peach tart came out especially well, and bacon very nicely.

It’s also handy to have an airfryer option, and so far potato waffles, fish fingers, bacon and breaded scampi have come out much better than when baked in the range oven. There’s just a bit of guesswork here as none of these products list cooking guidelines for airfryers so you need to experiment.

A major advantage of the size is that it comes up to temperature in just a few minutes. You can just chuck most food in as you’re turning it on as it will be at temperature really quickly.
. I won’t be using it to cook large meals for lots of guests, but for a family of three, and when cooking normal sized cakes and tarts etc, it seems really ideal.

M (UK)

I was looking for a replacement for our two Actifrys that were end of life, of which I had to keep sourcing replacement parts for (pan with holes, snapping paddle etc.). I’m happy with this as maintenance will be much lower since the parts are more robust and there is no internal plastic that wears over time. You can also shave off around a quarter of the cooking time when air frying compared to the Actifry since it cooks faster, which is a bonus.

It’s very easy to use and you can adjust both the timer and temperature whilst cooking. When the timer ends, it shuts off the heat, which is good compared to an Actifry that would keep on cooking with its quirky timer.

Chips are great, no turning required (unless you are layering them in crazy portions). It is nice and compact, ideal for 2 people portion-wise for chips. Because it is small, it heats up quickly and this is often useful rather than waiting on a larger over or grill. I’ve used most other functions (PIzza, Grill, Toast) and they all perform well, though I’ve not tried baking in it yet.


Top Value Against All the Competition

Philips makes some of the best Air Fryers, but their top model (just 7Ltr)  is the same price as this Sage (22Ltr), with all its advantages:

  • Much bigger eg 13″ Pizza, 14 lb chicken, 12 muffins !
  • Cooks Faster, genuine 30% faster than the best Gas ovens
  • Can See your Food Cooking
  • Totally Controlled Even Heat Accurate temperature is maintained
  • No Opening up to shake the contents.
  • Full Range – It does:-Pizza, Slow Cooking, Roast, even Dehydrating, Frying, Baking, Grilling.
  • Very Smart, just choose a menu and the machine ensures the best conditions for it to cook to perfection.

It’s a no-brainer. 

Rating and Recommendation

Recommendation: Great quality, great size, with all the advantages of an Air Fryer. At last, an oven big enough (22Ltr)  to cook a full family meal. The Sage has a good guarantee and is robust and idiot-proof ( cuts power when done). Overall a great addition to the home or business kitchen. Wholeheartedly recommended.

Rating 10/10


Sage IQ

22L Oven