Outstanding Value Salter EK4628 8Ltr Digital Air Fryer

Salter has a good range of kitchen products and several Air Fryers, this is the 8-litre capacity version, nice and simple to operate, well made and 8 ltrs is big enough for up to 3 or 4 people realistically.

The touch-sensitive controls and digital display are clear, there are eight pre-set functions available including the “keep warm”.

Specification for the 8 litre Air fryer

  • Capacity 8 litre
  • Size 283 x 300 x 330 mm
  • Weight 6.5Kg
  • Heater rating 1800watts
  • Temperature range 80 – 200 °C
  • Timer 60 min

The Salter Air Fryer in Action

The basket is locked into the drawer unit, with the plastic slider button on the handle, so if you need to shake the contents halfway through cooking you can take it out or shake it within the drawer.

When emptying the contents, there may be oil which has been collected in the drawer unit, so always separate them to empty.

PTFE coated cooking tray – soak and clean with a soft sponge!

Drumsticks in the drawer unit

Salter EK4628 Controls and Display

Setting the time and temperature is very simple, Using the presets is even simpler, just press the “M” mode button to cycle through the options. The 8kw heating element rating may seem to be high compared to other models but it will probably outlast them long-term and will result in quicker cooking times.

Powerful 1800-watt heating element

The EK4628 has these pre-set Functions

  • Chips 15-20 min 200°C
  • ribs 20-25 min 180°C
  • Shrimp 15-20 min 160°C
  • Cake 20-30 min 160°C
  • Chicken drumsticks 20-25 min 200°C
  • Steak 10-20 min 180°C
  • Fish 15-20 min 160°C
  • Keep Warm
Bottom Left to Right – Timer +/- ON/OFF Temperature +/-

What the EK4628 Buyers said…

Very easy to use with the preset timer. So far used it for chips, heating up pasties. Sausages comes up really nice and the fat from them runs off in the fryer making it healthier. Very easy to clean just wash in hot soapy water. The fryer looks and feels sturdy and robust. Chips fone really quickly. Would recommend.

Cooked bacon, lovely and crisp, roast potatoes great, chicken pieces quick and a joint of beef, perfect. All very easy to clean to.

This is a good alternative to using a big fan oven. I have cooked 2 chicken breasts, 2 stuffing balls and roast potatoes all in together for our dinner and it is just as nice as in my big oven, for much less cost. Also steak and chips come out nicely, and pies have lovely crisp pastry. Overall it seems to cost less to run than the large oven.
It is fairly easy to clean although some meats do stick to the basket, and sausages lose a lot of fat into the bottom part.
It is very easy to use once you get used to it and we use it on most evenings.

Great bit of kit.
Just remember to turn food been cooked as heat source comes from top. Only had a couple weeks but in that time have hardly needed to use full sized oven. Heats and cooks in less than half time on fan oven.

I wish I had bought this years ago. Everything comes out crisper, hotter and seems to have more flavour. It is easy to use, clean and store. I can highly recommend this air fryer.

This is my first airfryer & I no longer use my oven. It’s just used to store my pots & pans. With the energy prices rising this is definitely a good investment & it’s cheaper to run compared to an oven. You can cook just about anything in it.

Conclusion – Recommendations – Rating

Conclusion – Recommendations – Rating

Like Tower and Philips, Salter is a very long-established company with many household products. They keep spares in stock for longer and products tend to be repairable for longer, meaning better value for you.

This standard ‘drawer’ type air fryer, has 8 presets + manual mode. Size-wise, it’s ok for three or four people though I doubt if a chicken bigger than ‘medium’ would fit easily. Its 8kw heater will make cooking very quick. I rate it 8.5/10