LLIVEKIT 7L Family Size Hot Air Fryer with Digital Touchscreen and 10 programs

Llivekit, a new name in the Air Fryer uk marketplace, have 3 models in their range, which have capacities of 5,6 and 7 litres. 

This review shows the middle 6 litre model, confusingly called the Livekit 7L ! 

The power, display and control features of all 3 are very similar, physical size and shape being the only real variable

The XL 7 ltr model has a square basket
5 & 6 litre models compared

Llivekit Specifications

  • 5,6 or 7 litre capacity  
  • 1800 watt heating element
  • Temp 80 to  200 degrees
  • Timer 60 min

its certainly not revolutionary in design, but the specification and price make it worth taking a look, when compared to the more familiar makes like Philips. It does appear well made

Llivekit Controls

Nice big touch screen with bright display

10 Cooking Preset Programs

  • French Fries 200°C 20min
  • Steak 180°C  16min
  • Chicken 180°C  8min
  • Fish 200°C  15min
  • Shrimp 180°C  10min
  • Cake 180°C  14min
  • Roast 180°C  10-25min
  • Pizza 200°C  9min
  • keep warm
  • dehydrate
  • ferment
yes I know that is 11….. there is no user manual available yet to  check

What buyers of the Llivekit said...

1 I use this every day now. From snacks to meals, it’s much easier and faster to use than an oven, or god forbid a deep fat fryer – no hot oil stink, no waiting 10 minutes for the oven to suck £50 off my electricity meter, this is fast, and makes everything crispy and delicious.

2 So easy to use and easy to clean. Food is light and crisp without being dry. Saves so much time and electricity. Very glad I bought this!

3 Wasn’t overly sure about how much I should be paying for a decent Air fryer so as a precaution went for a reasonably cheap one.
The LLIVEKIT 5lt Air Fryer is fantastic, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be without it.
It does what it says and does it well.
Cooks a lot quicker than my fan oven, food retains it’s moisture so doesn’t dry out, makes food crispy and Saves me Money
Fabulous and well worth the money.

My Conclusion and Ranking

The Llivekit name may not be well know (yet) but they have a worthy product line, gaining good reviews from their growing number of customers. 

The big XL 7Litre model buys you a family size cooker at much less than the big Philips model

These are well built and with 1800watt power, cook rapidly and have a great display 7/10



7 Litre Air Fryer



6 Litre Air Fryer