Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G

This model from well known and well established manufacturer Russell Hobbs is of conventional design, with a non-removable water tank,  it is free standing, so doesn’t have to be stored in any particular way.

The handle only tilts up and down, so compared to the more common side to side and up down joint on its competitors it seems a bit awkward, however it is light enough for that to be overlooked. 


  • Weight 1.8kg
  • Water tank 380ml
  • Steam from Cold 15sec
  • Steaming time 15 min
  • 2 year guarantee
The RH will free stand
Filling the tank from front

 As with all steam cleaners, use treated water to fill or eventually the heater will fur up and become less effective, especially in hard water areas

To use the Russell Hobbs, simply tilt it back from the vertical position and it will start steaming. Return to vertical when you pause or stop, but do remember not to leave it over one particular spot or damage may occur.

Easy pad fitting and Removal
Carpet Gliding Attachment

The microfiber pads attach with velcro strips, easy to fit and easy to remove. 

The carpet glider attachment simply sits under the base, lift up to remove

What the buyers said...

quick to assemble and easy to use, this steam cleaner is ready to go in seconds, it has a couple of washable mop heads and the cord length is very generous. my laminate floored lounge and tile floored kitchen are clean in a couple of minutes and look lovely until the cat plods in again.

i have had one of these before ,it is an invaluable piece of floor requirement, excellent value for money. could supply more changeable mop covers as they soon get dirty

So so easy to use. I also sprinkle zoflora on the floor before I start and my floors look great. It’s made cleaning so much quicker which is what I needed after having a baby.

This is brilliant, best one I’ve had so far, Handle seems a bit flimsy and the carpet attachment doesn’t clip on like other brands, steamer just sits on top of it, but ready to use fast and doesn’t leave streaks on laminate, cable is quite long too

 Conclusion and Rating…

I very much liked the price and simplicity of this unit, the carpet glider could really have been designed to actually attach – bit fiddly moving from room to room. Great value7/10