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Hi, Welcome to my review site. 

We’ve all done it,

– at one time or another,

– fallen for the sales pitch.

– Even though you know the sales guy has a big pile of them, sitting in a warehouse.

You fall for the HYPE,  hand over the cash and take it home only to find it’s a complete lemon  

The Dream......
..The reality

There is a story behind each of the products I have featured on my pages. Most are everyday items that everyone needs, so here is my guide to the best available!


I’m Andrew and I got so fed up with poor quality goods and the HYPE we are forced to watch everyday, on TV, the ads, the Shopping Channels and the Internet, that I decided to start this little blog. 

I’ve found the

  • DETAILED info
  • the TRUE specifications
  • the full INSTRUCTIONS 
  • the complete MANUALS
  • the comments from REAL buyers ( not the paid for 5 star ones) and
  • the VALUE provided by each of the products reviewed.

If there are 1600 comments to read – I read them, if buyers are saying its rubbish, I’ll tell you, if there is a much better value product at half the price, you will hear it here…

Tell me…..

If you have a story about something YOU bought, that turned out to be a lemon, didn’t live up the advertising claims or a manufacturer who left you without support….

Let me know on the comment forms, or contact me page