Uten 10 litre Air Fryer

One of the Uten’s best characteristics is its A+++ power rating. A great thing to have when our energy bills are rocketing up. This will definitely save you money on cooking.

Uten Specifications

  • 10 litre capacity
  • 1500 watt heating element
  • Temp 80 to 200 °C
  • Timer 60 min 
  • Dimensions ‎44 x 40 x 39 cm
  • Weight 9.7kg

The Uten in Everyday Cooking

Uten have used a 1500w element in their new 10 litre cooker, although undoubtedly economical, it seems to be no bigger than most 4 or 5 litre drawer type air fryers. Perhaps Towers 2000watt cooking element would have been a better , longterm more reliable and quicker cooking choice.

The shelves or cooking trays were steel with non stick coating, I would have preferred trays that were of stainless wire construction, having seen many examples of peeling non stick coating over the life of the unit.

The rest of the unit is stainless steel construction as with all good professional gear. Easy to clean, tough and hardwearing. 

The Bread Function is adjustable between 2 and 8 minutes

Defrost between 10 and 45 minutes at 60°C

The Spit roast spindle is easily attached
The basket rotor is big enough for decent portions

Uten Digital Controls and Display

Uten have used good logical symbols for their display, which is just as well as the manual is a very slim and unhelpful volume!

Pre set Functions:

  • Toast
  • Pizza
  • Chips
  • Defrost
  • vegetables
  • cake
  • shrimp
  • drumstick
  • steak
  • ribs
  • bread
  • fish 


Simply turn the selector knob and press the centre to select.

I do like the select knob adjustment, it is easier to use than buttons, but harder to clean. Otherwise, it is a good touch-sensitive control panel and clear display

Cooking Chips

Supplied along with Utens kit is a rotating basket, which is ideal for producing evenly done chips, with all the drawer type models, the only way to get evenly cooked chips was to take out the basket and give it a shake. With some types of potato though, you may find the chips break up a little, so experiment to find a good one which is robust. Frozen chips generally do well and need no other attention. Fresh ones need the addition of a little oil and should be washed to remove starch then dried and cooled in the fridge.

Whats in the box?


  • Cooker
  • two perforated trays or racks
  • one ‘drip’ tray
  • Wire rotating basket
  • Spit roast spindle and insert handle
  • Recipe Book

What buyers of the Uten said...

Love the rotisserie for chips, etc and in general it works very well. It’s a bit big and noisy, but it’s my first fryer so nothing to compare it to. I expected things to take less time as well, and I suppose they do as it takes no time at all to preheat, but I was expecting even faster results. Guess it’s not a microwave 😂

Great product. Does what it’s meant to.
Instructions on the settings could be more comprehensive.
More variations in the recipes would be good to get you started.

I was excited about its arrival. It’s a good size and fits neatly in a corner. My first experiment was to try a rotisserie chicken. I’ll admit it was tricky getting the spit and ends to stay in the chicken and to truss it up. It took 45 mins to cook which I mostly spent on checking the chicken in case it stopped turning. I noted there was no rotisserie chicken recipe included or how to actually spit and connect the ties. That said I think my next attempt will improve. My next go was homemade chips in the basket. I did soak for 30 mins, dried and with a spoon of oil to coat and a bit of corn flour. After 30 mins I was very impressed, and much better than my previous air fryer. I thought I would have a go with Toast, 6 mins and nice and crispy. My final experiment was scotch eggs using both trays. Bottom tray cooked better than top which had split apart and was lighter in colour when cooked. Overall though would recommend it’s a handy gadget.

I use this, I use it to cook everything, I have to adjust heat to take into account weather frozen or not but this has to be the best thing I’ve bought in a long time

Very happy with my air fryer. Looks nice on the side and cuts your cooking time down significantly. Can cook loads of stuff.
Instruction manual very thin and doesn’t give you any information on all its operation, so difficult to navigate. Feels very trial and error. It’s good to have the glass door to see how the food is cooking rather than opening each time and letting heat out.
A major downside is it’s noise, it’s very loud when cooking. (Dropped a star for that)

My Conclusion:

A competent cooker. 

It seems to be a functional copy of the Tower 11 litre, which I also reviewed here 

It is let down by a few niggling complaints, like noise, light, and door hinge,  but overall a good machine and big enough for most people, unlike all the drawer-type air fryers, which are mainly 5 litres or less.

I give it 6/10


Uten 10 Litre 

Air fryer