Morphy Richards 720020

Steam Cleaners can be very handy and the steam will destroy most germs or any surface. The Morphy Richards name dates back a long way and has produced some classic domestic machinery

  • Steam from cold 30sec
  • Tank 400ml
  • Weight 3kg

On hard wood floors the steam cleaner  makes a fast and thorough job of stains footprints and pet detritus 

Brilliant on Tiles
Clean Glass Perfectly
Shower tray thoroughly clean

In the bathroom, The Morphy model did a splendid job on tiles, shower tray and glass screen

All around the house on hard surfaces, usually hard to clean, the steam cleaner is an excellent choice, on kitchen work surfaces and especially in the oven where the steamer can get rid of most baked on mess quickly and without those harsh chemicals

What the buyers said...

We are on our second one now, which to be fair has lasted for 6 months or so. the first packed up after 3 months light use. Power and noise but no steam. Morphy Richards did’t even want the old one back and sent us a brand new one. So we have (had) 2 sets of accessories which was very much required. The attachments go on an adapter that is so thin and weak that the two we had have both broken in the exact same place. Mop pads don’t attach properly. Overall I’d recommend that you look for a better quality mop. Which is very sad because a name like Morphy Richards demands a better product IMHO

have had this mop for approximately 18 months, the cap to the tank broke all the lugs failed over a period of 3 weeks. I bought another tank from the manufacturer, on first use the tank failed, it had a crack in it and the seal between the top and bottom was not patent. On contacting MR they agreed to send another tank but seemed far more interested in selling me another product that I did not want, why would I buy another of your products when the one I have is badly designed?

The rest of the comments on the Morphy Richards website were all about the same, the product really cannot be recommended at  all.

Conclusion and Rating

I suspect MR sourced this one to fill in a gap in the range, it really isn’t up to their usual quality at all.