PureMate PM 1312 Air Fryer

On the face of it, although the controls are very basic, this looks like a good solid Air-Fryer. 

  • Unit Weight 5.68 kg
  • 4 litre food capacity
  • Temperature control 80 to 200 deg C
  • Timer 60 minutes
  • Power Consumption 1500watt
  • Dishwasher safe frying bowl 
  • Sides warm but not hot when working

At 4 litres this is actually one of the biggest capacity fryers available, size is often a reason for customer complaint.

The timer is a simple clockwork device and if you turn too far , it cannot be turned back so you would have to be careful when setting it. Very annoying


*Im on my own and its ideal. When family come its done a second batch of chips in 20 mins so no waiting around. 

*This Pure mate Air Fryer is the best cooking tech ever! I thought it was all a fad “Oh I’ll just use the Air fryer” 🤨🤨 BUT OMG!! 😍😍 everything is so much easier and and healthier. I’m a health freak anyway so after switching to Rapeseed oil I was wondering what else I can do. After reading all the reviews over and over I decided Ok, I’ll get one. The first thing I done was this whole chicken with stuffing. It literally took 45 mins for juicy chicken, it didn’t remove any of the seasoning like when you got in the Oven for an hour 🙄 – I just sprayed the front and back of the chicken with the Rapeseed 1 Cal Spray, heated the fryer for 5 mins on 160dg, turned the chicken half way through and jheez – super tender I could not believe it.

*My husband is no cook, and if it didn’t go in the microwave he went hungry when I was out, but even he can cope with the fryer and uses it for heating pies, sausage rolls, quiche, etc, as well as chips or wedges. I tried a gammon joint with a maple glaze in it yesterday, and it was cooked to perfection, my dinner guests were well impressed. The accompanying roast potatoes were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – yummy!

*I start it all on a lower temperature to start the cooking, then turn it up for the browning.
The purmate people are very helpful, polite, and patient if you have a problem with their product
I originally had another well known airfryer when it came out quite a few years again. I only used it for chips, sausages, chicken wings . It was too difficult to clean the basin & the paddle. Tthe vents got cloged up.
This machine only needs a regular wipe, with hot soapy water.
I use it every day.
Thank you Puremate for a brilliant machine.

Conclusion and Rating

Actually when looking at the customers reviews on the PureMate, the overwhelming majority of views were very positive, very few problems and very good response from PureMate when needed – good to hear. Compared to the Philips I think it lacked power, but if top speed isn’t required this is very very good. 7/10


The 4 litre model is currently out of stock, this is the new 5.5Ltr model.