GTech Air Ram Mk2

This model is of conventional design, like the main powered models, it is free standing, so doesn’t have to be stored in any particular way. The dust box is situated with the rotating brushes in the main ‘business end’ of the cleaner.  It has wheels like most corded products but is so light and has a rotating joint between handle and head that makes it really easy to steer by turning the handle. The handle slides to give the perfect length for each individual user.

  • Weight 3.2kg
  • Run Time 40 min
  • Charge Time 4 hr
  • 22Volt Lithium Ion Battery
The Air Ram is a conventionally built upright vacuum
Compacted Dust is Easy to Empty

Unlike my own first battery model, the dust is compacted, so the horror of emptying it, spraying the dust all over yourself, even on a fairly windy day is avoided!

Battery removes from Cleaner for Charging
Easy Battery Removal

For convenience the battery is removed for charging, so the appliance doesn’t have to be stored next to the charging point.

Scented filters are available, just plug into the vacuum head unit.

What the buyers said...

An excellent product with the additional bonus of the car cleaning kit and small hand-operated cleaner.

Absolutely wonderful, lightweight and easy to use

I could not fault the weight of the package that I can readily hold up with one hand. I am sure it will delight.

Really pleased with our G Tech Air Ram MK2-K9 vacuum cleaner because it has totally removed the patina of cat fur from our persian rug and our stair/landing carpet.

What a wonderful tool can’t believe how much suction from such a light weight vacuum

I am not impressed with is the suction, being a K9 powerfloor product I expected the suction to be better as it doesn’t pick up all pet hairs

At last I’ve gone cordless and I have to say the Gtech has a powerful motor. The stair steps look pristine and I’m discovering hidden corners I didn’t usually see with my old hoover. Such a brilliant buy . Ps the lights are great on both the upright and hand held