Philips 9240 Air Fryer

Philips Models were first to launch their Air Fryers a few years ago now, all the competitors have very similar models now, that claim to bake, fry, roast and grill so is the Philips worth the extra money?

  • Cooking Capacity 3 litres
  • Weight 9240  Extra large model 7 kg
  • Power Consumption 2100watt
  • Power Cord 0.8 metres
  • Auto shut off
  • Timer 0 to 60 minutes
  • Cool exterior – no burnt fingers !
  • Save your favourite settings for next time

One good reason to choose the Philips is the genuine touch screen. Most  cheap appliances have membrane switches , much like TV remote controls they  are simple pressure ‘bubbles’ with a plastic sheet on top. These wear with age as the carbon impregnated switches are compressed eventually stopping altogether.

Also In a kitchen environment where moisture is present the membrane switch pad is not a good idea and if the water gets in, past the sometimes flimsy plastic cover, it will stop working.

The Philips on the other hand uses a completely sealed  sensor, there is nothing to press, it senses your finger over the control panel – much better and will work on and on without issue.

Philips has designed this control  panel very simply I like the layout, which is obvious and  easy to use, even before you’ve read the manual. ( available below )

Download the Philips  User Manual

What the buyers said...

*We’ve tried a number of things so far and everything has impressed us. This model is the higher capacity and higher power model maybe that’s why it is better. Thick cut frozen maris piper chips from Aldi come out excellent crispy outside and fluffy in the middle in just 20mins. We’ve done somasas, kachori, chicken tikka, spicy breaded chicken (frozen) of various sorts, battered onion rings (frozen) and all come out better than our fan assisted double oven. It also seems to use less energy than our double oven (which is relatively low consumption in itself) as the element in the air fryer cycles so doesn’t draw 2kw constantly and being a compact enclosure it doesn’t need to stay on long to keep the temperature maintained inside. It takes about 1 minute (maybe a little more) to reach 180 deg when warming up which is super speed! The best air fryer for sure, pay a little extra buy this one if you have the table top space you won’t be disappointed. Easy to use touch panel, set your temp, set your time press play, make a cuppa tea and wait.

 *the first thing I tried to do was fish fingers and chips, both came out fine, and tasted good. The chips are crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside, and the fish fingers had a nice crispy coating. It did take slightly longer than the recipe book stated to cook both, but I guess 12 minutes isn’t really a long time when it would have taken half an hour in the oven.

*the basket and tray are quite big items and take up a lot of space in the dishwasher. Obviously they could be done by hand but they still require more work than quickly wiping over a baking tray.

*The results are not and cannot be identical to frying. However they come reasonably close, but much healthier. It’s essentially a mini convection oven which heats up almost instantly. As such it’s useful for many things. For example baking a pie or finishing a thick steak after searing it.

*Never used an Airfryer before, and had to get used to it, and now I have it’s great, quick and convenient. It is quite big and sticks out on the counter top but that’s not a problem. It does however give off a lot of smoke/steam so you need to have good ventilation, it keeps setting off my smoke alarm!! But overall a great product. ** see our article on cleaning an air fryer and anti splatter 

*After 2 actifrys bought this one and now wish i bought this one first. It keeps a lot cleaner and the chips are much MUCH tastier than the actifry. Well worth the money.

Conclusion and Rating

Philips In my opinion have the best product and have had  since they introduced their first models some years ago. Cannot fault the build quality, the control panel is built to last and easy to understand.  

Wholeheartedly recommended 9/10

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