Hoover Freedom 2in1 Pets

 At  just 2.2kg, this Hoover model is already a winner! For those who  struggle with house cleaning  duties, you won’t need the muscles of Arnie Shwartz for this one….

  • Weight 2.2 kg
  • Run Time 25 min
  • Charge Time 6 hr
  • 22Volt Lithium Ion Battery

The Hoover is not a free standing model. The top 2 models in the range come with a wall mount, which makes it convenient to charge up.

The charger is a separate plug top unit with a cord.

The Hoover is fairly versatile for under furniture
Compacted Dust is Easy to Empty

The  Hoovers 22volt lithium ion battery initially takes 12 hours to fully charge and thereafter takes 6 hours. This is 50% longer than the average of 4 hours for these lightweight ‘stick’ type cleaners, so bear in mind , if it runs out, its going to be a long wait to finish off!  As it is very easy to replace the battery on this model ( just release the button at the bottom of the hand grip) why not buy a second battery and keep it charged up, ready to take over. The cost is around £50 but it would put this model in another class altogether !

Narrow brush head for soft furnishings

There is a second, smaller rotating brush head for soft furnishings and confined spaces like the car or the stairs

Main Wide brush head

The main powered head works well on all floors, carpeted and wood

What the buyers said...

I already have a Dyson animal which is fairly old but still in good working order although ait bulky. i bought this to use as an alternative for stairs, under beds, etc. I have to say I am really impressed – very light and compact, easy to put together and takes up very little space when stored using the hanging ‘hook’. This has great suction and is very easy to manouevre with a good set of tools – I was amazed by how much per hair it lifted on one ‘going over’! The bin is quite small so you have to empty regularly but that’s the nature of it being compact … can see my Dyson gathering dust. Would highly recommend.

A friend has the Dyson similar to this but at nearly £400 was too expensive. Given the brand of this I decided to get it. Wow!!! What a device this is. The suction is really good, battery life enough to go around the whole house on one charge.

Looked into various cordless stick vacuums before selecting this one as it had the best reviews and have not been disappointed. Am recommending it all over the place.

I’ve had this hoover a few weeks, it’s amazing! I have two cats and my carpets have never looked better. Yet to see if the great performance continues but it does have a year guarantee. Only thing is the plastic on the attachment gets scuffed quite easily and it’s not very smooth on deep pile carpets. Great price too, thumbs up!

Conclusion and Rating

The Hoover Freedom Pets model would be a great choice on price, at less than a third the price of  the Dyson or other top models, the 22 volt battery can be changed easily so purchasing a second battery would make the Hoover a much more attractive buy as the long recharging  time would not be such a limiting factor. the performance is generally good and handling nice and light 

RATED 8/10