Tower Xpress Pro The Air Fryer Truly Big Enough To Cook A Whole Chicken

The problem with Air Fryers is…. they are so small

It’s a criticism I hear a lot, well, Tower has made a bigger one – 11 Litres

And – you can see the food cooking 

And – it has a rotisserie actually big enough to use

Tower Specifications

  • 10 litre capacity
  • 2000 watt heating element
  • Temp 125 to  250 degrees
  • Timer 60 min 


The Tower Express in Action

See Your Cooking Progress

Air Fryers are very popular, but the usual drawer-type design isn’t perfect. You can’t see your food cooking without opening it, and that will cause loss of heat.  The choice of size is very limited too. That is the main selling point of the T17076. Its as big as a Halogen Oven. When using the rotisserie, we managed to cook a 1.3kg chicken, without it fowl ing (sorry) the insides, most of the smaller air fryers that have the spit roast facility, are very small indeed. If you have room for an 11 Litre unit, I can recommend this model


Secondly, but importantly, the drawer-type Air Fryer usually has a non-stick coated pan or basket, and apart from the better ceramic type coating, there is a tendency for this to start peeling off,  which isn’t very a peel ing… HA! But seriously, I wouldn’t want to cook in something with plastic peeling off. 


Stainless Steel Shelves

This model however uses 3 stainless steel wire shelves, which you can clean properly and easily. 


Detachable Door

The front door is detachable, easily. That makes it very easy to clean the oven. 

 Tower does have a long history and has produced some top kitchen gear in the past, in fact looking around my kitchen, I found no fewer than 6 Tower products, some very very old.

Best of all it has a 3-year guarantee.

3 Tiers



Tower Digital Display and Controls

  1. Pre set Programs
  2. Fan on
  3. Heating on
  4. Temperature
  5. Timer 
  6. Temp Up
  7. Temp Down
  8. Light
  9. Mode
  10. LCD screen
  11. ON/Pause
  12. Rotisserie
  13. Timer Up
  14. Timer Down

Pre-Set Programs

  1. Fries
  2. Steak
  3. Chicken Fillets or Drumsticks
  4. Fish
  5. Prawns
  6. Roast Chicken
  7. Rotisserie
  8. Dehydrate

Whats in the box?

What buyers of the Tower said...

1 When my son bought this I looked at it and thought you can’t cook anything in that, how wrong I was.
Cooks 80% of meals in half the time our oven could (for example 30 minutes for a pizza in our oven takes only 12 minutes WITH chips in this little air fryer). You can fit a lot more in it than I thought and although you will struggle with a chicken, and it doesn’t cook vegetables as good as steaming them it does a fantastic job with everything else.
Would have liked it about two inches wider and higher on the inside as when you have food on the top shelf the air fryer light doesn’t really let you see if the food is browned or not. Can be tricky to keep clean but it is not too big you can’t have it on a small counter space and no noisier than a microwave oven.
Best buy in a long time.

2 I guess if you are a large family, it will be too small to cook the Christmas turkey, but for the two of us it has been brilliant. Because it bangs out a fair bit of heat from the rear vent, it also needs space around it to dissipate the heat. All in all, one of of our best buys ever. I can’t see it ever being relegated to the back of the cupboard, never to be use again like so many other appliances we have bought in the past.

3 its a great bit of kit i dont use the big oven any more just put the food in switch it on and its ready much quicker than the big oven and very cheap to runa baked potato takes about 30 mins very crunchy skin and fluffy inside easy to clean you can cook most things in it like i said i use it every day you can even fry an egg in it also it is very quiet even though it has a turbo fan and you can change the heat settings and time when its cooking a gammon joint takes about40 mins no need to boil first and crispy crackling cook skin down for half the time then turn over and finish off

4 I’d been looking for an air fryer without Teflon cooking areas and this one ticked all of the boxes and more.

The fact it also has rotisserie really makes this a fantastic kitchen appliance for households. It’ll cook a small size chicken with ease quickly, with amazing flavour.

It’s really easy to keep clean, far better than the main oven, and I find there’s very little mess made even with traditional roast meals.

My Conclusion & Rating

I think this model is going to be a big seller, there is very little that you cannot cook in it, it will save you money on cooking compared to any gas or electric oven, the price is remarkable, the product is versatile with its 3 tiers, its rotisserie, and sheer speed of cooking ! 

Register your purchase with Tower and get a 3 year guarantee

 Rated 9/10




Express 11 Litre