Air Fryers

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LinkModelAvailSize ccWattsKgDimen-mmTempTimerPriceApp
AigostarCubeSmart 7Lyes700019006.89400x310x34080-20060134.99yes
ExProRotis 404056yes120001500336x337x36965-20090169.99no
Russell Hobbs26500 satisfryyes180011002.7245x245x30080-200
Russell Hobbs26510yes500015003.4335x335x340e60-20160124.99no
ChefmanTurbo RJ38 V3 DC35yes350012003.5255x305x25093-20460120.99no
TowerXpress T17076yes1100020007.4339x324x382e80-20060139.99no
Llivekit L 6 Litreyes600018005.2405x305x36880-20060118.99no
Llivekit XL 7 Litreyes700018006.95430x389x38180-20060157.99no
Morphy Richards480001no300014004.89337x279x31360-20060no
SalterEK4628 XXLyes80001800e6.5283x300x33080-20060100.2no
LinkModelAvailSize ccWattsKgDimen-mmTempTimerPriceApp

How Does An AirFryer Work?

Set up the Time and Temperature and the Fan whizzes the Hot Air from the Heater Down into the basket

Versatile Quick Portable and Smell Free Frying

Once you’ve used an air fryer, you will never get the chip pan out again. Its SAFE especially when there are kids around and doesn’t leave the house reeking of chip fat for days afterwards

There is a filter on the airfryer to prevent smells escaping and the cooking element with its fan ensures even cooking of food in the tray below. The design is like a turbo fan-assisted  oven. 

The ‘starfish’ shape in the base of the tray, moves the air around distributing the heat evenly. The body of the airfryer is well insulated, keeping fingers safe from the heat within. 

The airfryer is great at parties where the conventional oven is already in use or in the campervan / caravan on holidays – especially for safe hot food preparation where the kids are running around.

What Can you Cook with an AirFryer

The list an air fryer can cook is endless: Frozen chips, raw chips(with a little oil), chicken wings, nuggets, drumsticks, chicken, lamp or beef steaks, pie’s and cakes with an appropriate size tin , samosas and spring rolls (with a spray of oil), fish, vegetables and dessert. It also steam cooks, bakes, roasts and grilles very well.

It is  basically an oven based on a fan assisted model, but a turbo high speed fan. So anything you can cook in a conventional oven, you can cook in one of these. 

Its main function, for most users is going to be quick  meals for one or two people. This is the sort of use that really puts the bills up when you have to use the big oven. With this turbo air fryer you will definitely find it is  more economical And when the teens get just how easy it is to do delicious chicken drumsticks and chips – they will be less likely to order take out. I know. It happened to me, my 3 were ordering take away almost every night, costing me a fortune. Now they can show off their cooking prowess to their mates, take away no more!

Keep it Clean

One of the most common criticisms I see, is that when cooking fatty food, the oil can spray up into the heating element and cause white smoke. Often it is because of poor cleaning. There are 2 things to do , clean it thoroughly ( just like you  would with your frying pan ) and use a splash guard. See my Air Fryer Cleaning Article.

Gordon Ramsay shows off the Philips Model

The Salter 2205 Air Fryer

  • Big enough ( more in the Salter range ) 
  • Built well 
  • Very good price
  • Full control of Temp and Time plus presets
  • Digital display

The Philips 9240 AirFryer

  • Very Easy to use
  • Robust and proper touch screen
  • Top Design – sold well for years
  • Little expensive – but probably the best if you want a kitchen gadget to last and last