Salter EK2205

Salter – very popular brand in Kitchen products, is the  new digitally control AirFryer is going to be a welcome addition to your kitchen?   Based on the Philips layout, drawer with pan, turbo fan and heating element in the upper section of the body. Controls have touch sensors and look well sealed – important in a kitchen environment.

The Salter is available in 3 sizes and power

  1. 2 litre with manual dial controls 1000w
  2. 3.2 litre with manual dial controls 1300/1350w
  3. 4.5 litre with digital control 1400w
  4. 4.5 litre with digital control 1500w

For the 2205  model 4.5 Litre capacity….

  • Weight approx 5 kg
  • Power Consumption 1400watt
  • Temp 60  to  200 deg C
  • Timer 30 min
  • LCD control  display 
  • Touch sensor button control

EK 2205

The timer, with only 30 minutes max  seems a bit of a poor choice, but when frying, its best to pause and shake the basket (chips) or turn the food (chicken or steak) every 5 to 10 mins to ensure it cooks evenly


The control panel has proper touch sensors, not the cheaper bubble membrane type switches, which are too prone to failure – well done Salter.



A few buyers commented that the basket, though well designed had a poor quality non-stick surface which wore off too easily. So when cleaning – Soak this item, don’t scrub!

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What the buyers said...

Got this to replace my old Philips airfryer and it is a definite improvement. Like the safety cover for the basket to prevent accidental separating from the tub (did that too many times to mention with the Philips one). Very easy to set temperature and time, also seems quieter than my old Philips one. Impressed since this one was cheaper by far

I cannot fault this product or praise it enough. Food has cooked to perfection every time we use it and only used oil with it once for meat and that was the spray type. The best kitchen tool/utensil I have ever bought.

This is a very well made unit and works exactly as expected. However the chips it produces are often overcooked in parts and semi-raw in others.No substitute for a deep fat fryer I am afraid. ** I TOO FOUND THIS, WITH MY AIR FRYER THE ANSWER IS TO EXPERIMENT WITH DIFFERENT BRANDS OF CHIPS AND TO SHAKE EVERY FEW MINUTES, TO ENSURE EVEN COOKING – AUTHOR

Conclusion and Rating

The baskets non-stick surface could be better, but I think you will find what you want in the Salter range of 4 sizes – overall a great product and top value 9/10


1400 watt

1500 watt