CosiHome Electric Blanket and Throw

Available in Grey, Brown, Cream and Navy

Use it as a throw, to keep you warm, just sitting on the sofa, set the central heating to low and enjoy a toasty winter, without the big bills.

It doubles as a bed over-blanket, quickly bringing the bed up to temperature, then shut off  for a good nights rest.


  • Cable Fleece models 150cm  
  • Cable Faux Fur models 160cm 
  • Consumption on max heat:
  • Fleece 85w (240volt)
  • Faux Fur 120w  (240volt) 
  • Detachable controller
  • Blanket materials Faux Fur or Fleece
  • 10 heat settings 45°C to 50°C
  • Timer: shuts off power. Set up to 9 hours
  • Available in Single or Double sizes or 2  packs and in many colours
Available with MicroFleece or Faux Fur covers

Running Costs

For the average person, using the blanket on a cold day in November, with no room heater and set to half power, the cost for the CosiHome blanket was: 

1.45 pence/hour (FauxFur models) 2.04 pence/hour ( Fleece models)

Temp and Time rFaux Fur models
Temp and Time Fleece models
Controller and Cable are detachable for Machine Washing

what the buyers thought...

  1. Brought this for my daughter & she loves it … super warm on these chilly evenings. Saves putting the heating on
  2. I can’t believe I haven’t purchased one of these blankets before! I am always cold and this blanket has been a god send for me! I don’t really notice the wires and the weight is fine for me as I like a bit of weight as it’s quite comforting. Will be buying more for the family for Christmas.
  3. This is amazing if
    You are someone who works from
    Home and given the rise in energy prices does not want to turn on the heating for just you!
    It’s very snuggly and soft!
    Best pressi my hubby has bought me in a while!


Electric Throw  

Conclusion and Review Rating

The Cosihome range has all the right features . An economical blanket with very comfortable feel ( Micro-Fleece or Faux Fur materials ) and heat.

I gave it a rating of 8/10