Ninja Foodi Multicooker

How Does it Work?

The Ninja comes with 2 lids One for pressure cooking when you need really fast results and the hinged lid which is attached.  Actually fitting the pressure lid can be tricky but becomes easy with practice.

The Ninja comes with 2 lids One for pressure cooking when you need really fast results and the hinged lid which is attached.  Actually fitting the pressure lid can be tricky but becomes easy with practice.

The Ninja is a true multi cooker – its multi function s include roasting, baking, boiling, searing, sauteing, air  frying and slow cooking. 

It does the frying in air, not deep fat frying so achieves the taste with little oil making the results really nice and fresh, not greasy.

First Impressions…. Amazingly quiet, we are used to reviewing Air-Fryers and the Foodi is noticeably quieter than anything we have ever  tested. The control panel is well laid out with a button for each of its many functions – Frying, Sauteing… etc

Searing and Sauteing are done with no lid, on High Heat.  With the attached crisping lid you can air-fry or bake, roast or grill. Lastly with the separate pressure lid you can  achieve a cooked chicken in 15 minutes. ( although you would want to brown it afterwards)

Specification and Sizes

The  Ninja box pack Includes 6 Litre cooking pot, 3.6 Litre Cook and Crisp basket, reversible rack, Pressure Lid and Crisping Lid

Overall Dimensions 43cm X 36cm X 32cm  (17” X  14” X 12.6” ) 

weight 10.9Kg ( 24 pounds) 

Power: 1460 watts

The Ninja Foodi in Action

Air Frying…

For Chips nothing beats the air-fryer, just a tiny amount of oil will cook a batch of wonderful light chips and in record time

The hinged lid is a great safety feature, not only do you not have a  lethal vat of boiling oid, but unlike conventional airfryers, the lid is attached, so there is no danger of a red hot heated lid, skidding across your worktop.

When the meal is ready, the Ninja automatically switches to warm, keeping your meal hot and ready for up to 30 mins. The timer shows how long it’s been kept at that temperature.

Slow Cooking…

I recommend starting in saute mode and seal the meat, then add your veggies and stock.  No need for frying pan ! The Foodi does it all , very well. 

Kathys video shows how, braised beef short rib stew.  The Foodi cooks it slowly all day for a super stew when you come home.


On first impression the Ninja may seem more expensive than its rivals, notably the Instant Pot, but bear in mind only ONE of the Instant Pot range can fry. AND the Ninja comes with a standard and good quality set of accessories

In fact the market leader Ninja has quality stamped all over it, solid and well put together, versatile and easy to use. Highly Recommended

What the buyers said...

The foodi itself is quite heavy, but once positioned you shouldn’t need to move it. and will work on any flat surface safely and at a level where you can lift out inner bowl, basket etc. I find it extremely easy to use. and easy to wash. I highly recommend this product.
By justbostan on 08 October 2019
Comment-Amazon:  It’s simply brilliant. I am used to an electric pressure cooker so did consider whether I needed another ‘gadget’ however, this is so much bigger than my pressure cooker so far more useful. Additionally it steams (steamer redundant now too 🙈) sautés and has also repacked my much older slow cooker and air fryer. It does everything but the real selling point in the tender crisp – a full roast chicken in 45 minutes! You can cook dried pasta in minutes with all the ingredients added so one pot cooking super quick and no washing up! You can bake and cook from frozen plus cook your rice, veg and protein together. If you want very quick nutritious home made meals (it’s quicker than heating up a ready meal in the microwave) then this is the answer. Bonus of no cooking smells, limited washing up and cheaper than running your oven.
It’s not cheap but add up all the gadgets it replaces and energy and time saving I personally think it’s worth the investment. Oh and it grills too.
It’s quite large and I keep it out on the work surface in my utility room permanently as I use it all the time. Programming is very easy from touch buttons on the front, 2 lids (one fixed on a hinge) good instructions and limited recepie book to get you started. It’s easy for novice teenage cooks to use too as no hot stoves/ovens etc. Plus it times itself and turns off. For student accommodation it would be the dream gift.

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