Tefal Actifry

Tefals new Actifry range has a new app for your tablet / phone with Actifry recipes ready to go. It can even connect to your Actifry ( smart model) Good Idea!

The heater is the same as for most models a ring heating element and a high speed fan. The main difference between other Air fryers and the Actifry is that it has no temperature controls. The thermostat inside will operate at about 180 deg C. So the only cooking control is the time!

Note that the simpler models only have a timer, which does not control and switch off the oven! It is JUST A TIMER.

They have stuck with their rotating pan and paddle arrangement, avoiding the necessity to remove the basket at intervals and shake the contents, to give even cooking coverage.

  • models from 1kg to 1.7kg capacity
  • function controls all electronic
  • some have pre-sets
  • easy to see your food cooking

Actifry Traditional

The Traditional model features a 2 digit LED display and simple push button control ON-OFF. The timer can be removed from the body of the cooker.

Actifry Original

This updated ‘original’ model is a little larger at 1.2 kg capacity, the features are more or less the same, the timer is fixed ( not removable ) . The visibility of the cooking area has been improved, making it very easy to check on progress.

2 in 1 model

The 2 in 1 is a ‘double decker’ cooker, the smaller pan is placed over the larger one, which has the paddle arrangement.  The timer on this model does control the cooking – switches off on completion.


The 2 in 1 is a ‘double decker’ cooker, the smaller pan is placed over the larger one, which has the paddle arrangement.  The timer on this model does control the cooking – switches off on completion.

Actifry Genius

Actifry Genius model

A departure from Actifrys usual formula, the temperature is settable in this model, rather than setting in degrees, you select a mode. The Genius has 9 pre-set modes for common dishes

  • Temperature 70 – 220 deg C
  • 9 Preset temperature ‘modes’ for:
  • chips,
  • rolls,
  • bread snacks,
  • meat & vegetable balls,
  • battered snacks,
  • chicken,
  • desserts,
  • plus two “1-meal-in-1-go” programmes

Just to confuse selection of your actifry even further , there is a 1.2kg and a 1.7kg version  of the Genius model.

You can make use of the Actifry app, available on iphone and android devices, the     Genius doesn’t actually connect, like the top model ( smart ) but it does use the same 9 setting modes making the recipes very easy to set up on the Genius.

Actifry Smart

The Smart  model  will connect to the smart app on a tablet or phone via bluetooth and enable  app-control of your appliance. Virtual hands off  cooking, from remote location is possible. Select your recipe, connect, the app transfers the instructions for cooking to the air-fryer ,load the cooker and turn on when you are ready, come home to a fully prepared  meal with no effort.

What the buyers said...


I purchased this for the boss. She is extremely happy with this as am I. Makes cooking considerably easier and healthier. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to purchase one.

Absolutely brilliant. Outlet first ActiFry and it’s been brilliant. So easier to use and the food is lovely. Brilliant that you don’t have to use so much oil!

Great air fryer with impressive capacity. It is pretty easy to clean however the major issue I have with this is the connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity with the app will not work with my Samsung S8+. When contacting Tefal they told me to send it back to them for a module upgrade which should fix the issue which I do not have the patience for as this device gets a lot of use in my home.


This newer model is certainly smarter looking, with a bowl shaped cooking vessel, and it also has a range of cooking pre-sets.
The opening mechanism of the lid is certainly an improvement, as the latch sits at the front and incorporates the unlocking device and a cool area to grab and open and close the lid.
At first sight the lid does seem slightly less sturdy than the previous models, but in use it seems absolutely fine.
The noise level seems the same. It isn’t a quiet thing in use, but no noisier than a microwave or multi-cooker. The heating element is slightly more powerful in this model, and I certainly noticed that my chips were much crisper.
It will cook a huge batch of chips on almost no oil, which has always been a great feature. It will also cook many other things like chicken legs, sausages, and even stews. I make a goulash in mine regularly and it is always good.
The presets on this new machine are handy too. Just click the chef hat button and a set time will pop up. Just push the start button and away it goes. There are 10 preset menu items, and they are easy to use with the small menu book that comes with the Actifry.
Most of the parts go straight into the dishwasher for cleaning, apart from the base unit (which has the motor in it).
There is als a recipe app on Apple and Google, which is designed for the new Actifry, and this is a really good selection of new ideas to try out.

This machine is just wonderful! Only down fall is the paddle can be difficult to clean and gets stained. Pity it was not non stick. Apart from that, it is amazing. My whole family is impressed!

I had the older style actifry xl and got on well with it until the lid fell off. This is it’s replacement and my isn’t it much much better. The lid design seems better and sturdier but the really magic bit is that you can adjust the temperature. It makes really excellent chips that really are crunchy. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone, particularly if they likechips!

I’m yet to be convinced by the actifry. Very good for chips and nuggets for the kids (though you’re better with a 2-in-1 if you want to do them at the same time. Basically, good for frying things in less oil than you would need in a frying pan. I probably need to give it more of a chance, but so far it just seems to make really unhealthy things a bit less unhealthy rather than being a genuinely positive healthy option.

I bought this Actifry as a birthday present for my 19 year old son (I know it sounds odd…. but you’d understand if you met him) who is into healthy living and cooking. We can’t comment on chips as we don’t have them ever. It is mainly used for stir frys…. and for that purpose it is perfect. Meats stay moist inside and everything cooks so evenly. His older brother has one too and says he uses it more than his cooker.

Handle has fell off and also lid cracked afer one week , pretty poor item for the money
was given very little use and cant use now because of the faults as It would cost a lot to fix

Has a timer on the top you can use, it’s top loading and cooks pretty quickly. I did not like the bit in the middle that turns the food as it goes around. Food bits gets sticky and stuck under the arm. Chips and bacon are the worse. I bought it as my oven was not working very well. I bought it to save money and to use less oil to cook with. I never seen it before I bought it. Comes apart easy to clean and the top lid comes off but I don’t like having to scrub clean the roater arm inside. It comes with a measuring scoop for oil and a cooking book. Don’t be put off if you want to cook other things, but I it’s not big enough for say a chicken or roast.

Timer is only for show. Only sets off an alarm, but keep frying. Useless.

Otherwise its an okay product, but bit pricy compared to the similar air fryers, but way better than the oil fryers. Would recommend, not specificly this but, any air fryer.

2 in 1
I’ve had mine 6 months now and was torn between just the normal version and the two in one. I am now glad I got the two in one, as it’s a great item for grilling. My only gripes are the cost (far too much for what it is), and the noise (like a loud hair dryer). It makes great fat free chips using frylight only, or you can use oil.

Whilst we have only used the Actifry a few times we have noticed that there is no heavy smell or steam that you would get from a normal chip pan, that alone must be a bonus in the kitchen. It does have a large footprint on the worktop so you might want to store it in another area out of the way if you are short of space. Overall length of detachable power cord is 40 inches. One criticism I have is that the measuring spoon is not very well marked when you need to measure out 1/5, 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 of a spoonful. It’s very easy to clean and over time you will get no build up of oil like you get with a chip basket.

Great for everything but chips they are just not the same, Potato wedges are perfect. If you use frozen chips if they are big it mashes them.
Have had to buy another fryer for chips healthy or not. Easy to clean and no mess

Conclusion and Rating

The 5 Actifry models from Tefal have many good points, sometimes build quality issues especially with the paddle and the top models have a  high price, but overall well recommended products. The app makes cooking with the top models Genius and Smart a breeze. Several reviewers noted that their fryers were quite noisy “like a hairdryer” and of course these are BIG, so if you want one make sure you have space !

Overall good 8/10



1kg capacity


1.2kg capacity

2 in 1 

1.5kg capacity

4 programmes


1.7kg capacity

9 programmes

Express mode

Smart XL

1.7 kg capacity

Express mode