Dyson V7 Motorhead

Never known as Average, or conventional, Dysons V7 is an excellent example of their design philosophy.  The result is a lightweight, powerful vacuum with some novel features. 

  • Weight 2.3Kg
  • Run Time 30 min
  • Charge Time 3.5 hr
  • 22Volt Lithium Ion Battery (not detachable)

The Dyson motor is electronically controlled for efficiency and is a brushless type motor, it works by creating a cyclone effect  revolving up to  110,000 times a minute. That’s 3 times the speed of a conventional brush commutator hoover motor

Dysons V7 is an unconventional 'stick' type vacuum
Powered Cleaning Head


Very light easy to use, maybe not the most powerful vacuum in our survey. It has some adverse comments regarding battery life. The Dyson website indicates that it is rated for 6 minutes on Boost ( full power ) 20 minutes with the powered cleaning head and 30 minutes without it.  Also the price is very steep, perhaps the new V11 model will be better

What the buyers said...

The suction the unit provides is extremely impressive considering its size; especially in ‘max’ mode where it is comparable to a good mains-powered cleaner. For the vast majority of tasks though, the standard suction mode performs very well and allows for a longer run time of up to 30 minutes. On the subject of battery life, I managed to vacuum my four-bedroom house at a steady pace without it cutting out on me. As long as the unit is kept on charge between runs, most will not find battery life to be a major issue.

Only suitable for very light cleaning. not suitable for large dogs with hair loss.

Very light to use for cleaning ceiling corners, pelmets etc…..you can wield the wand like a Star Wars light sabre. Sucks up sticky cobwebs and cat hair with ease. Even the cats don’t run away when I’m using it, they were terrified of the old vacuum upright “monster” as this digital motor is nothing like the roar of other cleaners. I’m a convert and it makes a chore a joy

We have 2 reception rooms & a kitchen with hard floors and another reception room that is carpeted. I usually have to drag out our 10 year old very heavy dyson to hoover this but no more the V7 is as good as our corded Dyson and I even managed to hoover all the house with it. I would totally recommend this product. Other reviewers have said about the charge not lasting very long when used on max -I didn’t need to use the max setting as the suction was enough on the normal setting.